Play Super Mario Bros 3 Online(NES)

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Please enjoy the game! | Let's Play Team.nintendo-control

6 Responses to “Play Super Mario Bros 3 Online(NES)”

  1. fukin shit ….. they put the arrows on the right … when they should be on the left ….. Z and X are back to front …. its fukin shit ……. basically playing the controls completely back to front …. SHIT EMULATOR , and you dont give the option to change buttons??? ….. what a shit way to ruin a brilliant game

    • yourmother says:

      Are you fucking blind. There is a setting to change the controls if you didn’t notice. Oh no, the buttons to an already mediocre game are slightly edited to make it easier to play on PC, What will I do?!?!?!

  2. Ilan says:

    I Wanna Play and I cant Y.YQuiero jugar y no puedo :(

  3. katherine says:


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