Play Super Metroid Online

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Please enjoy the game! | Let's Play SNES Team.sega-genesis-mega-drive-controller

8 Responses to “Play Super Metroid Online”

  1. gabe says:

    the shit is that u cant keep playing til the end cause most likely ur laptop will have to be turned off or restart before then. and if u leave the page u r back to the start

  2. someguywhatever says:

    how do you use missles? I tried hitting s then holding but its just firing more!

  3. Andrue says:

    it’s an okay game, never played a Metroid dame in my life, so help me out here!

  4. lilconch says:

    i cant move samus :(

  5. snes halo says:

    classico e muito massa

  6. thomas says:

    how do you morph ball bomb? i may seem stupid, but live never played the nes version and it doesn’t say what key to push.

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