Cheats for Bugs Bunny – Rabbit Rampage SNES

Extra lives:
Press Select at the controls menu. Another option will appear. Enter the new menu, highlight the ‘Lives’ option, then press X to increase the number of starting lives.


Cheats for Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind SNES

Cheat mode:
Press B, Down(2), Left, A, Right, Up, B, Right(2), A, Right, Down, B, A, Down at the title screen. A fanfare followed by louder music will confirm correct code entry. Then, press B, Right(2), Left, Y, Up, A, Up, Down(3), Left. The music will return to normal and restart to confirm correct code entry. Then, press Down, A, Y, B, Up, B, Down, Y. The music will return to normal and restart to confirm correct code entry. Then, press Down, Right, A, Down. The music will return to normal and restart to confirm correct code entry. Begin game play. Press R + Select to enable Debug mode. Use the D-pad to move around the level. Press Select or R to move frame by frame. Press A or Y to increase or decrease the selected item. Press X to place an object. Press L to delete an object. Press L + Select to enable the Sound Test and Sprite Viewer. In these modes, press Up and Down with B or X to play different songs. Press Left and Right with A or Y to play different sound effects.

View any level:
At the beginning of the game, press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, B, A, Y, Right(4), A(3) then go to enter a password. You will notice it now include vowels. Enter RABBIT as a password to view any level. This is useful for finding secrets.

Return to title screen:
Press Start + Select during game play.



































Hint: Level 2-3: Getting out of doors:
If you become stuck in the group of doors, go in the first door. You will see a square door and a circle door. Enter the square door, then the second door you see. Go to the second door you see in the next room, then the last door you see in the next room. If done correctly, you should be standing in a doorway with a row of yarn balls. Follow them to exit.


Cheats for Bubsy II SNES

Press C, A, B, C, Up, Down at the title screen.

Fifty lives:
Press B, Up, B(2), A at the title screen.

All levels complete:
Press Up, A(2), Down at the title screen.

Double height jumps:
Press Up, C(3), Down at the title screen.

Super jumps:
Press B, A, B, C at the title screen.

Ninety-nine portable holes:
Press Right, Up, B(2) at the title screen.

Ninety-nine Nerf shots:
Press B, A, Left(2) at the title screen.

Ninety-nine diving suits:
Press B, Left, Up, B at the title screen.

Ninety-nine smart bombs:
Press C(3), Up, Down, C at the title screen.


Cheats for Brutal – Paws of Fury SNES

Play as Dali Llama:
Press X, A, B, A, Left, A after the title screen appears. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Dali Llama will now be selectable.

Character passwords:
Enter one of the following password to begin as that character with all special moves unlocked.



Dali Llama

[Circle] [Upside-down Triangle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8YD

Foxy Roxy

[Circle] [Triangle] C [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8VD


[Circle] [Triangle] D [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8WD

Kendo Coyote

[Circle] [triangle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8 [Square] D

Kung-Fu Bunny

[Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8PC

Prince Leon

[Circle] [Circle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8QD

Rhei Rat

[Circle] [Circle] D [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8SD

Tai Cheetah

[Circle] [Circle] C [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8RD









Hint: Prince Leon: Moves:

Taunt: Press B + A.
Bite: Press A + R.
Swim Attack: Press Toward, Down, Away.
Roar: Press Down, Toward, A
Power Chord: Press Away, Down, Toward
Wild Side Kata: Quickly press B(3).
Race Within Kata: Hold B + R then press A.


Cheats for Brett Hull Hockey SNES

Remove CPU goalie:
Pause game play and select the ‘Goalie’ option. Press Right on controller two, then use controller one to resume game play. To return the goalie, pause game play and select the ‘Goalie’ option. Press Left on controller two, then use controller one to resume game play.


Cheats for Breath of Fire II SNES

Hint: Easy money:
Talk to the priest that saves the game and ask to give a donation. If you have less than 100 coins he will give you 10 coins until you reach 100 coins. After this happens, deposit the coins, return and repeat as needed. Note: If you try to have the priest give you more than 100 coins he will take them as a donation.

Hint: Rest for free:
Early in the game in the pub in the second town, you can rest for free. Talk to the person at the table and ask him to pass the time while it is day. You will be healed fully. You can do this until you get Katt.

Hint: Life Armor:
The Life Armor can be found in the fishing spot northwest of Gate, directly next to the cave. This is the strongest armor in the game for the Hero.

Hint: Life Bracelet:
Immediately after you fight Barubary with Ryu alone, he gives you a hint to find the Life Bracelet. Go directly right with Katt and smash the rock ahead. Continue right and reach across the gap with Sten, then open the treasure box to find the Life Bracelet.

Hint: StarBringer Sword:
The StarBringer Sword (StarrSD) can be found by standing on a blue ‘chance’ square in the Thieves’ Tomb and fighting repeatedly.

Hint: Finding Bleu:
On the same island as the Thieves Tomb go there. From the Thieves Tomb, go east until you reach the other side of the mountain line. You should see a little whirlwind shape in the sand. Enter here and talk to all the spirits, even the ones in the back rooms. After that, go to Magic school in Hometown and on the second floor talk to the girl on the left in the left classroom. She will turn into Bleu.

After you get the whale, go to the desert at the southeast corner of map. Walk around until you find a faint circle. When you enter it, you will find some ghosts saying Bleu is out. Then, go to the town where you started your game (after you go away, the second town where you and Bow end up). Go to the magic building and talk to all the students. One will say she is Bleu and join you. Bleu starts at level 35 and is very powerful with magic.

Hint: Fun with Bleu:
After you get Bleu as a party member, go to township and make sure she is not in your active party. Go to her room, which on the last floor and final room. She is sleeping. When you talk to her, she mumbles about Ryu and goes back to sleep.

Hint: Finding Ryu’s father:
You can find your father in the Grand Church. His father is the man that is connected to the machine in the Grand Church. When you fight him, do not kill him when he tells you to. Kill all three of the eyes around him, but do not kill him. Do not even hit him. If you do not kill him, he will be alive and free from the machine that was sending his energy to the Demon Deathevn. After you defeat the three eyes around him, he will fall out and will transport you to your town. You will then go down to a basement with machinery. You will have to find the girl in Guntz behind the books. You can then make your town fly.

Hint: Namada’s Strength:
Boombada is a powerful Non-Elemental attack, which at 50 AP will reduce any enemy group, short of Bosses, by 50% of the current enemies’ HP. However getting this attack is not easy and requires strict timing and rhythm. To get this powerful attack go to Namada after the Grand Chruch at Evari is destroyed. Help the brother at the bells ring to announce prayer time. This is where it gets difficult, as some of the notes of the music sound overlapped but they are not. The brother will ring the high notes and low notes as you ring the Drum (A) and Tuning Fork (B). It sounds complex, but is not. The scale is similar to:

– = High note
_ = Low note
A = Drum
B = Tuning Fork
() = (space) No note played.

-A-B–()A _B_A__()B ___B_-AB _-_-A( )A

Listen carefully to the way the notes are played and to the starts and stops of the sounds. If done correctly, the brother will thank you for helping him and request that you talk to him again with the person who he will teach Namada’s Strength to. It is recommended that Nina get this to fully round out her abilities.

Hint: Monster Island:
Once you have the whale or the great bird and are at least level 35, go to the top of the hunk of land where granny’s house used to be. Go directly east. You should see an island at the top of the screen. Go there to reach Monster Island. There are four monsters on this island, as well as a house with Bo and Karn from Breath Of Fire. Use the following information to defeat the monsters that can be found here.

Gonghead: This is a giant version of the creature. Do not waste AP on it


Cheats for Breath of Fire SNES

Chun Li cameo:
When you visit Bleak, go to the boy who thinks he is a magician. He will say ‘Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them disappear’. Agree to his request and wait for him to say ‘Look behind you.’ Say ‘No’ twice, then say ‘Yes’. You should see Chun Li practicing her lightning kick.

Hint: 9999 experience and 9999 gold:
Before battling Jade in Obelisk, he will ask you if you want to join him. Answer ‘Yes’, and whenever he asks you if you want to change your mind, answer ‘No’. Do not push any buttons and he will soon say, ‘I’m bored. Entertain me!’. After this, there will be a battle scene. You will fight a D.Flea, a Crab, a Flower, a G.Slime, and finally an M.Slime which, when defeated, will give you 9999 experience and 9999 gold.

When Nina has fly go to Agua, go north. You will see a little island. Run around here and an M. Slime will eventually appear.

Hint: B-Rang:
Enter Krypt and go to the area where the B-Rang is stuck in a rock pile. Use Ox to break the big stone to obtain the broken B-Rang. Take it to a blacksmith in Gant to fix it.

Hint: C.Fish:
Go to the third Dragon Shrine and go west to a piece of land sticking out into the lake. Fish on the very end of it to catch a C.Fish.

Hint: D-Hrt (Dragon Heart):
This item can be found in Tunlan after the control panel in Scande.

Hint: Emperor sword:
Check by the throne after defeating Jade to discover the Emperor Sword. Search the right hand pillar in the same room for the Star Hammer. Use this in combat to produce the Comet spell effect.

Hint: I.Ore (Iron Ore):
The I.Ore is in a treasure chest in the cave the two warriors that join Nina are guarding.

Hint: Key:
This item can be obtained in Tantar during the storyline.

Hint: Map:
This item can be found when you enter Romero with Nina and the two warriors. First, go to the house next to the Elders. There should be a hole leading to a secret area in that house. Push the jars left or right in that area until you reach a barrel. Push the barrel up and press A to obtain the map.

Hint: Ring:
When equipped this item will raise the user’s attack by ten. This item can be found during the storyline after you obtain the key to the cave that it is in.

Hint: Rod5:
With the Sphere, you can also reach Tunlan. Fall down a pit to the left of the vault in the princess’s house, then search the box to find the Rod5. This is used to fish at the wells.

Hint: Saw:
This item can be obtained when you give the I.Ore to the blacksmith in Tantar.

Hint: Slab:
This item can be found in one of the four wells. The Rod5 and bait are required.

Hint: Tri-rang:
The Tri-Rang can be found behind Pagoda after Nina learns how to fly, and before Pagoda has been activated. Search directly behind the twin towers of Pagoda to find it.

Hint: WtrJr (Water Jar):
This item can be obtained in Romero during the storyline after Bo joins the party.

Hint: MystSD:
This sword can be found at the top of Tock (the tower near the Carmen town) behind the Time Key machine.

Hint: Karn: Locations to get Fusion spells:
Note: You need Karn to obtain them.
Information in this section was contributed by Astrid.

Bo and Gobi Fusion: Shin: Gant


Cheats for Brawl Brothers SNES

Change North American version to Japanese version:
Quickly press B, A, X, Y repeatedly at the Jaleco screen until the screen becomes scrambled. Press Start after a hearing a sword slash. Press Down(3), Start when the screen changes. Exit the options screen to view the title screen from the Japanese version of the game. Note: Select Kazan as a character after enabling this code. Press Y to execute an alternate uppercut.

Change Japanese version to North American version:
Quickly press B, A, X, Y repeatedly at the Jaleco screen until a black screen appears. This is actually the scrambled title screen. Press Start then Up to move to the invisible ‘Options’ menu. Exit the ‘Options’ menu, and the game will change to ‘Brawl Brothers’.

Fight as same character:
Select two player mode. Highlight the same character on both controllers simultaneously. Then, press Y on both controllers simultaneously.

Hint: Hack: Secret move:
Press Y + B to attack with a ‘charged punch’.

Hint: Slash: Secret moves:
Press Y + X to throw a fire breath against the enemies. Press X + B to attack with a super smash kick.


Cheats for Brandish SNES

At the start of the game, move four steps north, use the switch, and enter the door. Move east through the next door, then move two steps east, one step north, three steps east, two steps south, two steps east, five steps south, one step east, and two steps south. Turn west and use the switch. Enter the door and move two steps west and three steps south. Enter the door, move two steps south, three steps west, and one step north. Jump to the north to land in a large room. Finally, walk all the way to the west, then to the north, and to the east.

Alternate Ending:
Fight, instead of help, Alexis for an alternate ending.

Restore energy:
Press L + R during game play. The screen will flash to black to confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Easy experience and arm strength:
Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. Have a lot of Health Potions, or leave the area and rest. Find one or more enemy that can regenerate. Set the turbo feature to A and keep it active. You should gain at least seven levels or more in an hour.

Hint: Easy knowledge:
Note: You must have a lot of magic potions, or you can leave the area and rest. Find an enemy who can regenerate and shoot it with magic. Fire magic seems to work best.

Hint: Easy magic resistance:
Note: Have a lot of magic and health potions. You will only need the M Potions if you have Heal Magic. Find an enemy who can use magic, then just stand there and let them shoot you, but not kill you. Heal when needed.

If something strikes you while resting (when the screen is black after pressing L + R)


Cheats for Bram Stokers Dracula SNES

Level skip:
Complete level one, then quickly and repeatedly press X + Y to advance to a later level.


Cheats for Bonkers SNES

Hint: Hit attack other side of final Boss’ head:
Roll under the grandfather clock Boss, then come back up on the other side of his face.

Hint: Make Bonkers roll:
Hold Duck and press Run



Cheats for Bobbys World SNES





Under the Bed

Bobby, Derek, Kelly, Roger



Kelly, Webbly, Roger, Mom


The West

Derek, Kelly, Bobby, Mom



Roger, Webbly, Kelly, Dad