Cheats for Battletoads & Double Dragon – The Ultimate Team SNES

Level select/Ten lives:
Press Up, Down(2), Up, X, B, Y, A, Start at the character selection screen. The screen will flash red to confirm correct code entry. Choose a character and press Start. A level select screen will appear. Choose a stage to begin the game with ten lives.

Extra fighters:
Hold Up + A + B, then press Start at the player selection screen. Five, instead of three, fighters will be in reserve. Note: This code must be entered again at the continue screen.

Jump to end:
Press Up, Down(2), Up, X, B, Y, A, Start on controller two at the character selection screen.

Hint: Defeating Abobo:
Note: You must be playing a two player game. To defeat Abobo in two player mode, have one player hang on the bottom ledge where Abobo cannot teach him, and have Abobo punch towards him. Make sure Abobo is punching towards the right. Then, have the other player super attack them by pressing Right(2), Attack. This is also known as a running attack (a Battle Ram for the Toads, a Jump Kick for the Dragons). Repeat this until Abobo is on the ground, then do the finishing move.

Hint: Defeating the third Boss:
Play through the third level with roper and reach the Boss. Duck when he lifts up his gun, then attack once, or if possible, twice. Watch out for the butt of his gun. Keep on repeating this until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeat most bosses:
When fighting Bosses, use the head-butt or flying kick move (Forward, Forward, B), then run back to the other side of the screen. Then, repeat this process. Your character will be able to beat most Bosses easily. For the Boss on the rocket, play as a Double Dragon, then hold Down and press B when near. Try to keep him in the air.

Note: You may only do this trick in two player mode. When the Boss appears, have both players tap Right(2) or Left(2), then press B to do a quick attack. Do this repeatedly until the Boss dies.

Hint: Extra lives:
Start a two player game and play all the way to the end of level 1-1. Do not enter level 1-2 yet. Instead, turn on player two and use up all of his lives. Continue the game as player two, then repeat this process until all of player two’s continues are used. Then, continue the game as player one. However, if all the pods on Level 1-1 were broken, you will have eight more lives and will have earned more through the points awarded while defeating player two. Two more lives can be obtained by going through level 1-1 again.

Hint: Extra points:
In World 3, at most of the points where you climb down the rope, you can gain extra points. If you kick the arrow pointing down, you get 100 points. To do this, as soon as you throw the rope keep pressing Attack and your character should kick the arrow the other way. Also, you can kick the crows multiple times if you have good timing. As they are bouncing back toward you from the wall, kick at them again.

Hint: Dodge the junk in level 3:
In last part of level three, where the junk is falling down, move to the upper right corner. Then, hold Up/Right to avoid the junk.

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