Cheats for Brandish SNES

At the start of the game, move four steps north, use the switch, and enter the door. Move east through the next door, then move two steps east, one step north, three steps east, two steps south, two steps east, five steps south, one step east, and two steps south. Turn west and use the switch. Enter the door and move two steps west and three steps south. Enter the door, move two steps south, three steps west, and one step north. Jump to the north to land in a large room. Finally, walk all the way to the west, then to the north, and to the east.

Alternate Ending:
Fight, instead of help, Alexis for an alternate ending.

Restore energy:
Press L + R during game play. The screen will flash to black to confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Easy experience and arm strength:
Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. Have a lot of Health Potions, or leave the area and rest. Find one or more enemy that can regenerate. Set the turbo feature to A and keep it active. You should gain at least seven levels or more in an hour.

Hint: Easy knowledge:
Note: You must have a lot of magic potions, or you can leave the area and rest. Find an enemy who can regenerate and shoot it with magic. Fire magic seems to work best.

Hint: Easy magic resistance:
Note: Have a lot of magic and health potions. You will only need the M Potions if you have Heal Magic. Find an enemy who can use magic, then just stand there and let them shoot you, but not kill you. Heal when needed.

If something strikes you while resting (when the screen is black after pressing L + R)

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