Cheats for Daffy Duck – The Marvin Missions SNES

Fifty lives:
Begin a new game. Press Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Y, A, B, X at the screen with the phrase ‘where there’s duck, there’s fire’. The word ‘mother’ will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Easy experience:
This trick requires Phoenix, Soul Armor, Soul Blade, and Magic Bell. Equip the Magic Bell, the Soul Armor, Soul Blade and Phoenix Magic. Enter the third area of the World of Evil. Upon exiting the warp tile, you will see three rolling mirrors, two parallel to the tile and one heading towards you. If timed correctly, you can hit the two side mirrors with the arc of your sword, thus hitting the third one with the Phoenix Magic. Each mirror gives 4,000 experience points, resulting in a gain of 12,000 total experience points without any loss of health or Gems (thanks to the bell). Simply walk back into the warp, then up again and the mirrors return. Repeat this for some serious HP upgrades.