Cheats for Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden 2 SNES

Fight as Brawly against Goku:
Wait until Son Goku’s hand flies toward the tower in the sky during the introduction sequence. Then, press Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Fight against Brawly:
Under the hard difficulty setting in story mode, win the first fight with Cell, then lose the second (you might fight a Cell Jr.). Then, win the rest of the fights and Brolly will appear later looking for ‘Kakkarot’ (Goku).

Turbo mode:
Hold L + R when the hands appear during the introduction sequence.

Ant mode:
Press Down(10) before the match as the characters are speaking to one another. Alternately, hold Down until the characters finish talking.

Forfeit match:
Hold Y + X + B + A and press Select during game play.

In-game reset:
Hold L + R + Start + Select during game play.

View moves:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Select. Press Down(2), then press A to display a move list for the current fighter. Highlight a move and press A to practice.

Alternate story mode:
In story mode, lose every match to view a different story mode. For example, when you lose to Perfect Cell you fight Cell Jrs. If you lose against them, Goku kills them and self destructs to kill Cell. Later you find a Cell Jr. after you fight Bojack. If you lose someone blows him up.


Gohan, Broly, Goku, or Trunks: Press Forward, Back, Down, Up, B.
Cell: Hold Forward for two seconds, then press Back, Y.
Vegeta and Piccolo, press Forward, Back, Down, Up, Y.
Zangya and Bowjack: Press Front, Back, Down, Up, B

Turbo levels 1:
Hold L or R while turning on the game to get turbo level one. The logo will flash and the bonus music will play to confirm correct code entry.

Turbo level 2:
Hold L + R while turning on the game to get the fastest turbo, turbo 2. The logo will flash and the bonus music will play to confirm correct code entry.

Using beams:
For a normal beam, press Back, Down, Forward, A. For a super beam, press Down, Back, Forward, A.

Countering beams:
When your opponent uses a beam, wait until the screen goes to your player, then press Down, Back, Toward, A. Keep repeating the move if it did not work the first time. You can do this as a super beam and it works on all characters.

To block beams away, after your opponent use a beam and the screen goes to your player, quickly press Back, Down and hold A.

Power shield:
After your opponent use a beam and the screen goes to your player, quickly press Front, Back, Front and hold A.

Avoid being thrown:
If you are on the left side are being thrown, quickly tap R(2) to stop it. To counter it, tap L(2) instead and your player will do a Fire Kick.

Avoid crashing by a combo:
After your opponent finishes his/her combo, and you are being thrown to the left, press R(2) before you hit the boulder or the ground (depending on what kind of combo he/she uses).

Unblockable throws:
If you want to use unblockable throws (so that no one counters), unlock Brawly and use him as a figher.

Hint: View hidden graphics (Emulator):
Note: This trick is for the ZNES Windows or SNES 9X emulators. Load the game to notice many changes on the character selection for versus mode. If you use a Super Ki Blast such as Final Flash, energy will appear out of Vegeta’s hands. Also, Desperation will work.

Hint: Fire a beam at opponent’s beam:
Press Down, Back, Forward, and hold A to fire a beam at your opponent’s beam.

Hint: Alternate specials:
Instead of pressing Back, Down, Forward, Up, A, press Down, Left, Right, Up + A to do an alternate special.

Hint: Opponent in a hole:
Do your Meteo on your opponent at the World’s Martial Arts arena stage. Your opponent will make a hole in the ground. Finish off your enemy with the Meteo, and he/she will remain in the hole. Note: This does not work on everybody.

Hint: Defeating Cell and Bojack in story mode:
Start the fight by flying away from Cell or Bojack with L and hold Y + B to charge your Ki energy to full. When they approach you, press X and fly over their heads to get away and keep charging. When you are done charging, use your weaker of the two super Ki blasts (for example, Trunks’ Burning Attack) and use it as many times (three or four) as you can. If countered, quickly tap A repeatedly. A controller with a turbo feature is useful. When your energy bar is depleted, charge half way and use either a ‘heat seeking attack’, or use the stronger super Ki blast (for example. Trunks’ Finish Buster). When your energy is depleted, repeat from charging half way until they are defeated. This also works against any character in story mode, or opponents in the exhibition/tournament modes. Note: Watch out for their super Ki blasts and make sure you are ready to counter them.

Hint: Broli: Easy win:
As soon as you get a chance to punch your opponent, do so and he/she will go flying backwards, landing on his/her back. While they are going down, press L or R (depending on the side you are on) so as to fly towards them. Stand next to them until they stand, then strike them down again. Do this until they are defeated. Also, with Broli’s throw you can demolish them better. They cannot block this throw and cannot counter because he slams them into the ground. Also, if you are fighting Cell Jr., Gohan or Zangya (the girl), kick and the same thing will happen.

Hint: Gohan: One Handed Kamahamaha:
Select Gohan. Win the first battle with Cell, but lose the second battle. The game will show Gohan with a broken arm, doing a Kamahamaha with his other arm. You will then see a ghostly image of Goku behind Gohan.

Hint: Piccolo: Easy win:
Use Piccolo’s Forward, Back, Forward, B attack repeatedly to defeat your opponent. This works on all opponents. Note: Cell Jr. usually hits Piccolo before the second kick connects.

Hint: Trunks: Easy win:
Get near your opponent and use Trunks’ Down, Forward, Y attack. Keep doing this repeatedly until your opponent is defeated. This works with all opponents, though it is more effective against slow opponents such as Bojack.

Hint: Vegeta: Moves:

Energy Shield: While in the air, press Right, Down , Left + Y.
Downward Air Blast: While in the air, press Right, Down, Left + A (lose 5 health points).

Hint: Vegeta: Easy win:
Get near your opponent and use the Super Attack (Forward, Back, Forward, Y). Keep using it non-stop against your opponent. Do not worry if they block, because it still does damage and you will not leave them time to attack. Eventually, they will be defeated. This works on all opponents in the game.

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