Cheats for Extra Innings SNES

Graphics and sound test:
Highlight an option on the mode selection screen. Hold L + R and press Y or B to display a game graphic. A different picture will appear for each option that is highlighted. Highlight the ‘Edit Team 2’, ‘Set-up’, or ‘Watch’ options for sound test mode.

Quick game:
Hold L + R and press Start to choose a team at the selection screen.

Pitch first:
Hold Select when choosing a team at the selection screen.

Hint: Ultimate pitcher:
When creating a pitcher, fill all stats in every category, then name your pitcher Wildthing. When pitching, hold Left or Right and watch your crazy pitching.

Hint: Creating the ultimate team:
When editing a team, make the first four players perfect in every category. Make the best player possible with the remaining points. In the substitute hitter list, create four more perfect players. When starting a game, substitute the four worst players on the regular lineup with the perfect players from the hitter list. This creates a team of eight perfect players and one best as possible player.

Glitch: Random teams in pennant race mode:
Enter pennant race mode, then select the number of games you want to play. While selecting your teams, press ‘Reset’ without having selected a team. When the game starts again, enter pennant race mode again, then select ‘Continue’. You should see randomly selected teams in a strange league. Among these could be doubled teams and the All-Star teams.