Cheats for Final Fantasy – Mystic Quest SNES

Game information:
Press Start to display the menu, then hold Start + Select.

Hint: Defeating the Dark King:
Keep using cures on the final Boss to hurt him. Use it on him approximately twenty times and he will vanish into thin air.

Use the cure spell on him, but do not have Phoebe use it. Have her cure you, and then have your character cure the Dark King. This attack will do about 14,000 damage. However, Phoebe cures the Dark King 12,000.

Hint: Defeating Skullrus Rex:
When facing Skullrus Rex on the first floor of Doom Castle, cast the Life-spell on him.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
To defeat Bosses easier, go through all the spots where you can fight the monsters to win things. Or, go through all the mazes and keep fighting every monster until you gain a lot of levels.

Hint: Defeating undead:
The Cure-spell can be used to deal damage to undead enemies, such as the skeleton soldiers, ghosts and mummies. This is called a Zombie attack and does significant damage. Life works the same way, but can fail sometimes. Also, the Heal-spell works the same way, but on all the enemies. Cast Heal on a monster and it will sustain a bad status effect, such as Poison or Paralysis.

Hint: Exploding doors:
When you get the Mega Grenades from Fireburg and you need to blow up a door, you do not need to find a chest that contains bombs. Instead, just go to a door and press A. Note: This trick only works with Mega Grenades, and not Bombs or Jumbo Bombs.

Hint: Unlimited Cure Potions or Heal Potions:
In Foresta, you can get three Cure Potions and three Heal potions every time. Keep entering and exiting of Foresta as many of those potions as desired. You can actually get unlimited Cure Potions from any house, such as the Elixir girl’s.

Hint: Unlimited Items in treasure chests:
Open a brown (not red) chest and get a item, for example a regular potion. Exit this location and re-enter. Open the chest again and the item will be in there again. Repeat this procedure to get up to 99 of that item.

Hint: Level up twice:
When you fight at a battle ground, you can level up twice. When you have only one fight left on a battle ground that gives you experience as a prize, or ‘cleaning them out’, you need to go fight elsewhere. You will then level up in the next battle you fight. Finish off that battle ground and after you level up when it gives you your prize of experience, you will level up again.

Hint: Fix armor status errors:
Every time you get one of Benjamin’s companions to join him throughout the game, you may notice that they seem to share the same Elemental and Special defenses listed on the status screen. Also, at least three of the numbered statuses listed directly above those defenses on that status screen seem to be a bit off. This is totally incorrect for both of these occurrences, as they all have different armor with different defenses and statuses. To fix this problem: as soon as you get one of Benjamin’s companions to join him, save the game right then and there