Cheats for Joe & Mac SNES

Replay level:
Press Start, Select to play a level that already has been completed.

Sound test:
Highlight the ‘Option’ selection at the main menu, then hold Right + L on controller two and hold Left + R and press Start on controller one.

Alternate ending sequence:
Wait until ‘Sound Creator Atomic Hanada’ appears during the credits, then hold X + A + L + R until the final ending animation of Joe and Mac being chased off appears.

Weapon select:
Press Select during game play to change weapons.

Bonus levels:
Kill all the small dinosaurs before cracking the red egg in the middle of level 8. A bonus level will begin where your weapon may be powered up. The bonus level also contains a key that allows entry to the blue dots on the map. Another red egg that leads to a bonus level is at the beginning of level 9.

Continue at dinosaur in last level:
If you lose a life inside the dinosaur, select ‘Yes’ to continue. The map with the last continue location will appear. Begin game play at that location, then press Start, Select. The game will resume inside the dinosaur.

Maximum lives:
Return to a level that contains an extra life after completing it once. Take the extra life and press Start, Select to end the level. Repeat this procedure to accumulate extra lives.

Hint: Extra lives:
Collect a key to go to the first blue spot. Collect all the meat and wait for the extra life to drop, but do not collect it. Wait at this location and four more extra lives will drop down.