Cheats for Lufia & The Fortress of Doom SNES

Extra experience and gold:
Successfully complete the game one time. Then, start a new game and enter TAITO as a name. Gold and experience will be multiplied by two.

Try Again mode:
Successfully complete the game one time to unlock the ‘Try Again’ option. Select ‘Try Again’ before you start the game. Gold and experience will be multiplied by four.

Hint: More damage:
Use the following trick to do about 75 points of damage early in the game. Once you are on level 10, get a mission in Grenbole. Note: This is after the first one. Get every item in the second floor. Once this is done, equip the hero with the Broad Sword and Power Ring. After you defeat the apprentice, return to Grenoble and have the sword removed. Next, equip the Power Ring and Broad Sword to Aguro for massive damage. Note: the Broad Sword drains your life for every attack you make.

Hint: Extra gold from Grenoble:
When doing missions in Grenoble, you can obtain items and give them to the cashier in the building downstairs for a sum of money. However, this takes 100 gold away from the money, where you could take it to any shop, armor, weapons, items, and sell it there for more money while only paying 50 gold to get the item.

Hint: Easy gold and experience:
To gain some gold and experience from harder to kill enemies, such as the Green/Red Cores and the Mimics, re-animate them using ‘Revive’ items and Jerin’s ‘Revive’ spell. It will bring a dead or fleeing enemy back into the battle. However you must make sure that you have another enemy on the battle screen or else the battle will end. To do this, simply keep the pawn enemy alive using healing spells and keep killing and reviving your chosen enemy. This tactic is tricky but worth learning.