Cheats for NHL ’96 SNES

Cheat mode:
Wait until the demonstration mode begins. Hold Select and repeatedly tap L + R. Press Start when the puck stops, while continuing to hold Select. Hold L + R while continuing to hold Select until a voice confirms correct code entry. Four bonus teams and 1000 extra player points will be available.

Hint: Return to game faster after hit:
If you get hit, do not press B and switch to another person. Instead, remain on the player that got knocked down and immediately press Y. The player will get up right away, while hooking or holding, and return to the game faster.

Hint: Easy goal:
While going towards the net, stay close to the boards. Shoot the puck just when you are about to cross the blue line. Hold Down for about a second — the shot will be stronger and will most likely go in. This is a loophole in the game which allows that little shot to be a goal about 60% of the time.

Glitch: Slow floating puck:
Press Start when your opponent takes a shot in a season or exhibition game or a practice. When the game is resumed, the puck will be drifting slower and higher in the air, which makes it easier to stop. If you keep pressing Start, resume, and repeat, the puck will stop but also keep going higher. Eventually the ref will call for a faceoff, and the puck will come down. This also can be viewed in the replay.

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