Cheats for Secret of Evermore SNES

Hidden sequence:
Successfully complete the game and wait at the ‘The End’ screen until a new screen appears.

Hint: Easy jewels:
To make easy jewels, go to the rice stand at the top of the market in Nobilia. Buy her rice (3 jewels per bag) until you cannot buy anymore. Then, go to the appraisal stand. Sell her the rice and you will gain about 100 jewels more than you paid to buy the rice. Repeat until you have as many jewels as needed.

Once you get to World 2 and cross the desert, enter the bazaar and go to the appraisal stand. Pay her five jewels for nothing, then buy a trade item and sell it. When she is done, she will give you five more jewels each time. Note: Once you switch screens you must repeat the process.

When you go to Nobila before the first meeting at the Sacred Dog Statue (before you fight in the Coliseum), look for a pot in between the Rice and Spice dealers. There was a basket in the way before, but it should be gone now. Inside is 500 jewels. You will have to look beforehand to know exactly where to find it. There is only one place in between Rice and Spice dealers. Note: You can get these jewels later, before you fight Aegis.

Hint: Easy Rice and Spice:
When you get to Nobilia, leave the city and go left. There will be an area of the desert where you will go around in circles. Stand there and let yourself spin. You may need to heal before this trick is complete. Eventually you will sink down into the sand. After you sink into the sand, go right and you will receive 99 Rice and 99 Spice. After this, the desert will shoot you out like the quicksand before the Bugmuck. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Finding the Wizard’s Coin:
After defeating the squid, your characters will be trapped in a cave and will be saved by a man who lowers a basket. After being pulled out, you will learn that dog has changed into a puddle. After thanking the man, got to the well. Crank the handle to pull up a goblin inside the well. The goblin will run away. Later, when trying to cross the bridge, you will have to fight a clone of yourself. A maze will appear after crossing the bridge. The goblin will be in the top right corner of the maze. Talk to him to obtain the Wizard’s coin.

When you find the Goblin that you saved in the forest he will give you a Thug’s Cloak. However if you already bought the Cloak from the man in Ivory Tower, the Goblin will give you the Wizard’s Coin.

Hint: Sting alchemy:
The Sting spell can be found in the desert between Nobilia and Crustacia. Approximately toward the center of the desert, there is a man resembling Madronius standing in an oasis. He will comment on the heat and say that he wishes to help you with the enemies, and will give you the Sting spell.

Hint: Complete the game easily:
Whenever you get the Crush spell from Blimp, buy some ingredients for the spell and exit the cave. Go through the cave near Blimp’s cave and you will exit from another cave. You will see a Mad Monk. Level up Crush by casting it on the Mad Monk. When he dies, exit to the west and re-enter to repeatedly kill him. When you run out of ingredients, buy more with the money that you have earned. As the spell gets stronger, target more enemies to gain even more money. Continue this process until Crush is at Level 9:98. Crush will then be strong enough to kill nearly any future Boss in two to four hits.

Hint: Defeating the end Boss:
Use the Spell ‘Aura’ (Magic pearl – Hector) and Cosmopower, then equip the Lasersword and attack the end Boss. This should be very easy since you are now invulnerable (Aura) and your sword powers up to level 3 attack in about two seconds (Cosmopower). Note: The Aura spell can be found in Act 3 after killing the tentacle monster. Go to the city entrance, but do not enter. Then head west to find a place where you can enter the trees. You will reach a chest where the Aura spell can be found.

Hint: Secret Boss in Omnitopia:
The Boss is the man who came out of the brick-like panel, whom the Evil Horace talked to. In order to get to the secret Boss, go to the room where you can turn the greenhouse and storage room lights on and off. Then, go to the panel where you choose three numbers (each being 1, 2 or 3). Try each combination (for example, 111, 112, 113, 121, …, 333). When you get the correct combination, the door marked ‘Locked’ will open. Enter and prepare to fight.

Hint: Unlimited bazooka rounds:
After you buy some of the two strongest types of bazooka rounds, you will have an unlimited amount of them. Take advantage of this bug to easily kill more difficult enemies and Bosses without having to worry about not having enough ammunition. The game does not even really take note of the fact that they are being used. This can be seen by equipping one of the two stronger types of ammunition. Go to the boy’s status screen. The game does not pay attention to the fact that you are using the stronger rounds. Instead, it displays the weak rounds. However, it does decrease either total amount.

Hint: Unlimited Call Beads:
After you receive the wind walker from Tinker, fly to Nobilia and head towards the castle. Just before you reach the gate where the two guards are standing is a small space between the water and the wall on the right hand side. Go all the way back into the corner and press the action button. You should receive a Call Bead. Keep pressing the action button until you collect as many Call Beads as needed.

Hint: Unlimited run:
Get any weapon too level 3, then start running. Note: This cannot be done in towns.

Hint: Safe location when fighting the final Boss:
When fighting the final Boss, there is a place to stand in order to avoid all hazards. As soon as the final Boss appears, run to the far upper-left corner of the room. You can actually stand in a spot that appears to be a part of the upraised platform at the north side of the room. From here, simply throw your spear or shoot your bazooka rounds at the Boss. He will be defeated in no time and you will remain unharmed.

Hint: Charge weapons without getting hurt by enemies:
When you get outside of a town and want to charge your weapon without getting attacked in the process, go to another screen where you can have your weapon out and charge your weapon. Keep holding Charge and return to the other screen. Your weapon will still be charged and you can kill enemies easier this way. However, they always return since you left that area.
Information in this section was contributed by S. Garland.

Hint: Rapid fire Lance magic:
When you get the Lance spell, you can keep bombarding any enemy (except Thraxx and Coleoptera’s heart) by casting Lance, pressing Y quickly until the magic menu opens again, then using Lance again and repeating. You will be able to kill Bosses quickly if you use this trick with Lance at a high level, and most will not be able to move if you do it fast enough. It is especially effective against Verminator.

Hint: Rapid fire Alchemy magic:
Use the following trick to cast up to eight spells at once, doing some major damage. First press Select to get control of your dog, then go to your Alchemy selection screen and choose the spell you wish to cast and who you will cast it on (without actually casting it yet). Then, press X + B, then choose your spell again and who you will cast it on. Press X + B again. Repeat this until it will not let you cast another spell, then exit the screen and watch your spells fly. This a great trick for leveling up your spells or for doing a great deal of damage to a Boss to kill him quicker. However, you will lose your Alchemy ingredients much quicker, considering how many times you cast it.

Hint: Magic combos:
Some magic spells can be used repeatedly on the same person. To do this, you must have at least two of the spells that you plan to use. For example, if you want to cast two or more Firepowers on the same person you need two of that corresponding magic spell. The only way to actually do this is to use the magic spell and immediately after you see the animation of the little boy throwing a ball of fire, press Y until the items/spells/weapons ring appears. Then, simply repeat the process to use magic combos. This is especially useful if you want to defeat the Rat King. You can also combine magic for special effects. These combinations include Nitro and Explosion, Crush and Firepower, Stop and Slow Burn.

Hint: Chocobo Egg and Magic Gourd:
Normally, to get the Magic Gourd, you must trade off the only Chocobo Egg you have. However, you can get the Chocobo Egg at two places. The very first location is in Crustacia (the little town you come across immediately after you defeat Magmar in the volcano of Prehistoria). Go to the very top right cave. In this cave you will see a stack of crates on the left side. Tthe man who sells that Amulet of Annihilation for 10,000 jewels hides behind those. However, if you actually buy the amulet, he gives you a Chocobo Egg along with it. If you heave not actually found him yet, must trigger him. To do this, enter the cave and move right to the jug with clay in it. It will be the one on the right. Move about there and he will say ‘Psst.. Over here’. You can then move to the crates and he will appear. If you have triggered him, he should come out when you move to the crates. Note: There may be time where he cannot be found at all — this may have to be done early in the game. The second location is in Ivor Tower of Gothica. You can trade for it using nine Bottles Of Perfume and nine Beads. Knowing both locations, it is possible to use the following trick to get the Magic Gourd and Chocobo Egg. Buy the Amulet of Annihilation after killing yourslef with a bit of time getting the jewels, before leaving for Nobilia. Then, trade it for the Magic Gourd. Later, get the second Chocobo Egg in Ivor Tower.

Hint: Market Trading on relics:
In the end, it is possible to get every relic in the game at once. Starting at Noblia Market, you can leave with: Ruby Heart, Armor Polish, Sun Stone, and Magic Gourd. You can trade off Moxa Stick, Jade Disc, Silver Sheath, and a Chocobo Egg, but all of these items can be found in Ivor Tower. At Ivor Tower, trade for all of the other relics that were traded off in Nobilia. If you want to get the Wizards Coin, you must trade for the Thug’s Cloak here (along with saving the Oglin from the well) before you go to where you are supposed to pick it up at inside the forest. Also, unless you get the Oracle Bone here, you cannot get it anywhere else. Most of this market is not available later in the game — get the relics while you can. The first half of the market opens up in Ebon Keep later. Doing that combination had get you every known relic at once: Armor Polish, Insect Incense, Jaguar Ring, Moxa Stick, Ruby Heart, Staff of Life, Thug’s Cloak, Chocobo Egg, Jade Disk, Magic Gourd, Oracle Bone, Silver Sheath, Sun Stone, and the Wizards Coin.

Hint: Avoid projectile magic damage:
When an enemy casts projectile magic such as Flash or Hardball, wait for the projectile to get near you (about half the distance between you and the caster). Then, use a health item (or heal). If it hits you while you are using the health item (your skin turns blue), only the health item will take effect, and you will not have lost any health.

Hint: Easy path through forest:
The correct path through the forest is marked by the Little Bluish Guy (the ones who later turn into Bad Boy) in the trees. If you see the blue guy in a tree, you know you are on the correct path.

Hint: Final Fantasy 2 reference:
In Ebon Keep, Cecil, the man who gives you your bazooka, is Cecil from Final Fantasy 2. Note the name of his wife, and some of the adventures he names.

Hint: Final Fantasy 3 and 6 reference:
You can see Mog Terra Locke Relm and Strago from Final Fantasy 3 and 6 in crowd in the Coliseum.

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