Cheats for Shaq Fu SNES

Blood mode:
Press Y, X, B, A, L, R at the options screen. The screen will flash red to confirm correct code entry. Fighters will now bleed when hit.

Special story mode:
Select a number from one through six on the music option screen. This value will correspond to the fighter order on the duel screen (1: Shaq, 3: Beast, 5: Memphis, 7: Rajah, 2: Kaori, 4: Sett, 6: Voodoo). Press Up, Down, B, Left, Right, B. The screen will flash purple to confirm correct code entry. Story mode may now be played with a character other than Shaq.

Fight Beast in story mode:
Walk down the stairs at the bottom right corner of the first island and press Start.

Hidden level:
Defeat Voodoo in story mode, then return to ‘The Lost Jungle’ area and press Start.

No background:
Press Up, Right, B, Down, Left, B. The screen will flash yellow to confirm correct code entry. Enter the duel mode character selection screen that displays the background. Press X + B on controllers one and two. The picture in the center of the screen will disappear.

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