Cheats for Sim Ant SNES

Debug menu:
Insert an SNES Mouse into port two. Hold both Mouse Buttons and press L + R + Start on controller one at the title screen.

Scenario select:
Attach a mouse controller to port two. Use controller one to begin a game and enter scenario mode. Use the mouse to highlight the scenarios, and use controller one to select a scenario.

Cat trick:
Begin game play in full game mode. Select the graph icon and press A again. Wait for the cat to appear on the fence during the house scene. Point the cursor at the cat and press A. The cat’s eyes will bulge as it falls every time A is pressed.

Convert to Queen:
Enter the house and move between the television and the chair. Use the electric socket closest to the colony to shock yourself. The word ‘Change’ will appear to confirm correct trick entry. You will reappear in the colony as the Queen.

Defeat red ants:
Rapidly tap A when fighting a red ant.

Hint: Shortcut to the red ant nest:
Start digging after getting approximately fifty ants. Once everything is dug out at the bottom of the screen, a hole will appear. The red ant nest is through the hole. This route is useful when stealing food and larva. Red ant larva will turn into black larva after brought back to your nest. Note: Other ants cannot be brought through the hole to take larger amounts of food.

The hole may also be used when a level is started to quickly kill the red queen. This is particularly effective when there are over 200 red ants, but less than 10 black ants present.