Cheats for Super Street Fighter II – The New Challengers SNES

Special group battle:
Select group battle mode, and press Start. Press L, R, L, R, L, R(2), L on controller two at the group battle mode screen. Select match or elimination mode and choose up to eight characters. Selection of the same character multiple times is now possible.

View profiles:
Wait for the first character profile to appear after the game starts. Hold L + R on controller two to keep the profile on the screen. Continue to hold the buttons to view more profiles.

Controller configuration:
Hold Select or Down + Select to display the controller configuration screen.

Faster CPU matches:
Press any button except Start to speed up the CPU battles in tournament Mode. Select the ‘End’ option to have CPU matches exclusively.

Alternate color costumes:
Select a character and hold any button except Start to begin the match. Keep the button held until the plane reaches the destination stage.

Reset records:
Press Select after a match to display an option to reset the records in Vs., group battle, and time challenge modes.

Hint: Guile: Sonic Boom:
Hold Away for two seconds then press Punch (L, X, or Y) + Forward. If it does not work at first, keep trying.

Hint: Dee Jay: Spinning Kick:
Hold Away for two seconds, then press Forward + Kick.

Hint: Dee Jay: Frisbee-like power:
Hold Away for two seconds, then press Forward + Punch


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