Cheats for Tales of Phantasia (english translation) SNES

Emulator: View title in Japanese:
Note: This trick requires the ZSnes Emulator and the game’s ROM. Press 5 at the title screen. This should remove the English title and show the Japanese title. Press 6 to return to the original title.

Hard mode:
Highlight ‘Continue’ or ‘New Game’ at the title screen, then press A + B + X + Y. A voice will say ‘Yatta!’ to confirm correct code entry.

Alternate ending music:
Successfully complete the game, then hold L + R before the credits begin. Release the buttons when the credits appear to hear the ‘Tomorrow Is A Holiday’ song instead of the normal music.

Hint: Change name:
Press X at the menu screen. Select ‘Status’ and place the hand pointer on the name and press A. You will be taken to the selected character’s name screen and can enter a new name.

Hint: Psion Bolt:
To learn Psion Bolt 100%, get into a battle with a flying monster. Go far so that it becomes a long range target. Use Psion Bolt repeatedly until you run out of Tech Points. Use Psion Bolt 100 times.

Hint: Eruption spell, Medium Food Bag, Mecha Blade attack:
In the first town you enter when you go into the past, there are three special Items and spells to be found. When you get Arche, return to the village and talk to the elder. He will teach Arche the Eruption spell. To the left of the elder is a woman in what seems to be a kitchen. Talk to her and she will give you the Medium Food Bag, which lets you hold up to 2,200 food. Go into the weapon shop and go to the right. You will enter the wall. Go up into the next room and go through the door. Talk to the store owner behind the counter and he will teach Cless the Mecha Blade, attack which can be used after mastering Psion Bolt and Tiger Teeth.

Hint: Escape without walking:
When you are in the Plains battling Dhaos and his troops for the first time, get paralyzed and try to escape. You will see the clock on top of your head, but you cannot move. Then, you will escape automatically.

Hint: Author reference:
When in the library when you first get Klarth, in one of the bookcases there is a letter written by J.R. Eddings. This is actually a reference to two authors, J.R.R Tolkien and David Eddings.

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