Cheats for U.N. Squadron SNES

Gamer skill level:
Highlight the ‘Game Level’ selection under the options screen. Hold A + X on controller two, and press the D-pad on controller one to change difficulty levels until the Gamer level appears.

Alternate ending:
Successfully complete the game under the Hard or Gamer difficulty setting without using any continues to see a parade of Mobi-Chans spelling a message at the ‘Thanks for playing’ screen.

Hint: Easy money:
Use a fully armed A-10 Thunderbolt for the green truck missions. Constantly bomb the trucks while firing.

Note: This trick is easier when used with a controller with a turbo feature. In the second level, defeat all of the land carriers, four small missile ports, and the front aircraft launcher. Leave the one close to the big gun intact. Position yourself below the weak point and keep shooting. Planes will rise from the launcher and be destroyed. This increases your money and pointsm giving you extra lives. On occasion the big gun will take damage when it drops down — check your game occasionally to make sure the level did not end. Allow yourself to die after gaining an extra life, and repeat this procedure for more money.

Hint: Destroying trucks:
For any of the truck levels use the Mega Crush. When you start the level, wait until you fly about three quarters of the way down to the ground (just before the big rock that sticks out of the ground appears). Use the Mega Crush and it will destroy all three trucks in two seconds.

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