Cheats for Warlock SNES

Cheat mode:
Press Left(2), Right, Left, Right(2), Left, Right(2), Left(2), Right at the title screen. A cheat menu with level selection, and ‘Cheat’ option will appear. Turn on the ‘Cheat’ option to become invincible by pressing L + R during game play.

Level passwords:



The Garden



The Castle

Start of third stone quest


Middle of third stone quest


Start of fourth stone quest


End of fourth stone quest


Realm of the Diamond

Start of fifth stone quest


Middle of fifth stone quest


Start of sixth stone quest


Middle of sixth stone quest


End of sixth stone quest


Hint: Defeating the final Boss:
The Warlock will transform into a devil-type demon before the fight begins. To defeat the demon, repeat the following process until it dies. Hit the demon with your basic ‘hand blasts’ attacks, then roll under demon when it jumps. After it does, hit it with your orb while you are out of its sight. It is very easy to be killed by the demon during this fight

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