Cheats for Urban Strike SNES

View ending sequence and credits:
Enter D63PMJTKHWY as a password, then press Start to return to the title screen. Press Start again to view the ending sequence and credits.

Extra lives:
Enter YCZ9NHLGBT7 as a password.






















Cheats for Universal Soldier (unreleased) SNES
































Cheats for Undercover Cops SNES

Hint: Super attack:
Press B to jump, and press Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right, then press Y to attack. This move will harm all on screen enemies, but costs energy.


Cheats for Uncharted Waters SNES

Less attacks:
Enter Black Beard as your name. You will be attacked less, and some ships will give up when you attack them.

Hint: Trading:
Trading is the best way to build money. Get a good bookkeeper. Three of the better ones are Antoine Fitch in London, Jacob Walwiek in Bordeux, and Benito in Alexandria. Always buy at the lowest possible price and sell at the highest price. Good routes are Hamburg to Copenhagen (buy dye and glassware), Istanbul to Athens (buy carpet and art), and Cairo to Mecca (the specials of both).

Hint: Barges:
Go to Bristol and invest $50,000 in the shipyard every month for three to five months. Afterwards, ask the shipyard worker for a new ship. He will show you several new ships including frigates and barges.

Hint: Full-rig ship:
You can purchase the best battleship in the game at Hamburg and Antwerp. Invest 50,000 gold at the shipyards at Antwerp and Hamburg from three to five months. Afterwards, go to the shipyard and buy new ship. The second screen of ships should have the frigate and the full-rig ship. Invest in both at one time and you will be able to build two at a time. They are better than the barge in battle and sea.

Hint: Tekkhouson:
The best trade ship is the Tekkhouson. Invest 50,000 gold at the shipyard in Sakia from three to five months. You now should be able to purchase a Tekkhouson. Arrange it at first, then sail back to Europe. It is the fastest ship and has the second or third largest cargo capacity.

Hint: Easy Battle experience:
Go to Tunis. Select a weak pirate. When he comes out, bombard him and challenge him to a duel. Make sure you are well equipped with a ‘B’ or better sword and armor. During the duel, have him at your mercy by keeping him at about 50 life points. Do not kill him. Use weak level 1 attacks until he can survive. Keep doing this for ten attacks and the duel will end. Challenge him repeatedly to level up. Note: This works best if you have a barge and have sunk all other nearby ships.

Hint: Easy money:
Build up your fame until the King of Portugal wants to meet you. Complete the assignment, talk to the princess, and offer flowers or profess love until she says that she is grateful for the treatment. Ask her father for assistance. Do as she says and ask for 10,000. Repeat as needed to get as much money as needed.

Deposit money into a Marco Polo bank at the end of a month. Stay in the lodge until the month ends. Return to the bank and you will receive 3% more than you deposited. Repeat this every month for easy money.

Hint: Faster battles:
Hold Y on the battlefield during your opponent’s turn.

Hint: Stat boost:
When first starting the game, refuse the default stats about 75 times. You will eventually start to see better stats offered.


Cheats for Ultraman – Towards the Future SNES

Option menu:
Hold Select and press Start at the main menu. The difficulty level and a sound test mode may now be accessed.


Cheats for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES

Fight as Human Smoke:
Highlight the Smoke. Hold Away + HP + HK + Block + Run until the match starts.

Random character select:
Highlight Rain and press Up + Start. For player two, highlight Noon Saibot and press Up + Start on controller two.

Original tournament:
Highlight the ‘Start’ option at the title screen, then press L + R + Start for an 8 x 8 endurance tournament mode. Press Up + Start to select random fighters. Note: At times a ‘?’ will appear in a fighter’s box, which will result in a glitched Sheeva and may crash the game.

Cheat menus:
Enter one of the following series of controller actions at the start/options screen to display the corresponding cheat menu.

Kool Stuff
Press Right, Up, B(2), A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B.

Kooler Stuff
Press Up, B, A, Left, Down, Y.

Scott’s Stuff
Press B, A, Down(2), Left, A, X, B, A, B, Y.

Sound test:
Press Left, Down, Y(2) at the start/options screen.

In-game restart:
Quickly tap Start on controller two, then hold Start on controller one in a one player game. Select the ‘Mortal Kombat’ option to start a new game.

Display mystery text:
Hold L + R on controller two and power on the SNES.

Kombat Kodes:
Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Press Y, B, and A on controller one to select the first three characters of the Kode, and those same buttons on controller two for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned:

Character Abbreviation Presses
Dragon D 0
MK Logo M 1
Ying-Yang Y 2
Three 3 3
Question Mark ? 4
Lightning Bolt L 5
Goro G 6
Raiden R 7
Shao Kahn K 8
Skull S 9
Kombat Kode Effect
000033 or 033000 Player 1/2 half energy
000707 or 707000 Player 1/2 quarter energy
445any or any445 Timer disabled
012345 One button brutalities (press HP)
955955 Extended fatality time
944944 One button fatalities
788322 Fast uppercut recovery
044440 No power – one hit kills!
300300 No music
012012 Health recovery.
100100 Throwing disabled
010010 Throwing encouraged
020020 Blocking disabled
205205 Winner fights Smoke
769342 Winner fights Noob
969141 Winner fights Shao Kahn
033564 Winner fights Motaro
444444 or 460460 Randper Kombat
820028 Fight at Pit III
343343 Fight on The Roof
282282 No Fear message
987666 Flipper message
123926 ‘..No knowledge without power’
221557 Uppercut changes stage every time
191191 Hyper speed
120120 Credit screen before fight
989898 8-man tournament with random characters
999995 In-close combos disabled
091293 Sweeping disabled
432234 Minimal damage
449449 Invisible fighters
987123 No powerbars
688422 Dark fighting
985125 Psycho kombat
642468 Play hidden game
666444 Fight at Scorpion’s Lair
330033 Fight at Jade’s Desert
466466 Unlimited running
002003 Fight at The River
004700 Fight at Kahn’s Kave

Hint: Cyrax: Helicopter hair fatality:
Press Down(2), Up, Down, HP.

Hint: Cyrax: Self-destruct fatality:
When close, press Down(2), Forward, Up, Run.

Hint: Ermac: Pit fatality:
Press Run(4), Low Kick.

Hint: Jax: Giant:
Press Run, Block, Run(2), Low Kick.

Hint: Jax: Mincer fatality:
When close, hold Block and press Up, Down, Forward, Up.

Hint: Jax: Pit fatality:
Press Down, Forward, Down, Low Punch.

Hint: Kabal: Pit fatality:
Press Block(2), High Kick.

Hint: Kabal: Babality:
Press Run(2), Low Kick.

Hint: Shang Tsung: Soul Steal:
When close, hold LP and press Run, Block, Run, Block.

Hint: Shang Tsung: Spike fatality:
When close, hold LP and press Down, Forward(2), Down.

Hint: Smoke: Blow World Up fatality:
When across the screen, hold Block and press Up(2), Forward, Down.

Hint: Smoke: Throat Bomb fatality:
When at sweep distance, hold Run + Block and press Down(2), Forward, Up.

Glitch: Flying baby:
Enable the ‘Kool Stuff cheat menu’ code and set ‘Max Fatality Time’ on, then enable the ‘Kooler Stuff cheat menu’ code and set ‘Quick Finish’ on. Fight until you hear ‘Finish Him/Her!’. Do a uppercut, then after that quickly press R (Babality).


Cheats for Ultimate Fighter SNES






Cheats for Ultima VI – The False Prophet SNES

Extra money:
At the start of the game, leave Lord British’s Castle and go to Iolio’s Bows (in Britain) and sell everything that you own. Go next door to the Items salesman and purchase as much oil as you can carry. Sell them at Iolio’s Bows. If a single character holds two loads of oil (99 + 99) and sells it all, it will result in 350,000 gold crowns.


Cheats for U.N. Squadron SNES

Gamer skill level:
Highlight the ‘Game Level’ selection under the options screen. Hold A + X on controller two, and press the D-pad on controller one to change difficulty levels until the Gamer level appears.

Alternate ending:
Successfully complete the game under the Hard or Gamer difficulty setting without using any continues to see a parade of Mobi-Chans spelling a message at the ‘Thanks for playing’ screen.

Hint: Easy money:
Use a fully armed A-10 Thunderbolt for the green truck missions. Constantly bomb the trucks while firing.

Note: This trick is easier when used with a controller with a turbo feature. In the second level, defeat all of the land carriers, four small missile ports, and the front aircraft launcher. Leave the one close to the big gun intact. Position yourself below the weak point and keep shooting. Planes will rise from the launcher and be destroyed. This increases your money and pointsm giving you extra lives. On occasion the big gun will take damage when it drops down — check your game occasionally to make sure the level did not end. Allow yourself to die after gaining an extra life, and repeat this procedure for more money.

Hint: Destroying trucks:
For any of the truck levels use the Mega Crush. When you start the level, wait until you fly about three quarters of the way down to the ground (just before the big rock that sticks out of the ground appears). Use the Mega Crush and it will destroy all three trucks in two seconds.


Cheats for Tuff E Nuff SNES

Fight as Boss against CPU:
Press Left(3), Right(3), Left(7) at the game selection screen. The sound of an explosion will confirm correct code entry. The Vs. mode option will be highlighted. Press Start to display a new character selection screen. Any character may be chosen to fight the CPU.

Fight as Boss against player two:
Press Left(3), Right(3), Left(7) and reset the game at the game selection screen. Return to the game selection screen and press Right(3), Left(3), Right(7), Start. The sound of an explosion will confirm correct code entry.

Play as Bosses:
In the Japanese version, select Story mode or Vs. CPU mode. Select a character and any Boss as player two. When the round starts, pause game play and press Select on controller one + Select on controller two. The sound of an explosion will confirm correct code entry. Resume the game, and the Boss is now playable using controller two. Note: You can play as any Boss in Vs. CPU mode except for Jado. Repeat the code to return to normal.

Slow motion:
Press Start on controller two during a one player game.