Cheats for WWF Royal Rumble SNES

Super punch:
Press B + Y as the LJN logo fades. A grunt will confirm correct code entry.

Wrestle same character:
Press L to freeze the WWF logo on the character selection screen. Hold L + R + Select without moving the logo. Any wrestler may be selected by both players.

Big head mode:
Successfully complete the game as Tatanka. Then, press A, B, Y, X, Start, Select.

Easy wins:
Repeatedly sweep the D-pad in circles as the game is starting. A grunt will confirm correct code entry. Start a match and punch twice to take out all your opponent’s energy.

No referee:
Select tournament or one fall mode. Select a character and opponent. Line up your wrestler with the referee after the match begins. Hold Y until the referee stops moving. Your wrestler will knock down the referee. Use cheat moves such as L (eye gouge) or R (choke) while the referee is down to take advantage of your opponent.

Control wrestler selection screen background:
Press L when the wrestler selection screen is displayed. Press L(2) to stop the background from moving. Press R to speed up the background. Press R(2) to move the background at its fastest rate.

Brett Hart’s moves:

Sharpshooter (finisher)
Press R near your opponent’s feet when he is on the ground.

Crush’s moves:

Cranium Crush (finisher)
Press R when standing behind a dazed opponent.

Mr. Perfect’s moves:

Perfect-Plex (finisher)
Win a grapple by pressing R.

The Narrisist’s (Lex Luger) moves:

Running Forearm
Toss your opponent to the ropes, run to the opposite ropes, and press R