Cheats for Dragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension SNES

Hint: Super blast:
Press Down, Down/Back, Back, Forward, A.

Hint: Special attacks:
To do any character’s special attack (not desperation) such as the Gallet Gun or Kamehameha, press Down, Back, Forward, Fireball. Note: You will lose 10 HP.

Hint: Shoot a fireball into the air:
Press Back, Down, Forward + A. To do this with Goku, press B instead of A. Goku will do a Spinning Kick towards the enemy.

Hint: Super Kick:
Wherever you are, press Down, Forward, Super Punch. This will send your opponent in the air, change scenes, and when the next scene appears, you will be floating. Do this a second time to send them to Kame’s Tower. Also, pressing Down, Back, Super Punch will send the enemy back down if you are in the air. Note: It will not send them down if you are on the level’s ‘standard area’ or on Kame’s Tower.

Hint: Dashing:
Hold L or R while moving forwards or backwards to dash in that direction.

Hint: Charge health:
To charge your health, hold B + Y. You will add 10 more HP to your life bar every second.

Hint: Chamber: Attack from background:
Hold R and press the Kick (or L and + Kick, depending on which side you are on).

Additionally, If you Punch or Kick at the same time (on the ground), you will engage in a mini-battle. If you are fast enough to hit the fireball key immediately after it is over, then you will do you special Fireball Blast. If you are up in the air (background) and you do the same thing, then one of the characters will go in the background and one will remain. If you are in the background, use X and Y to dodge. If you are in the foreground, use A and B. When you are up in the air, the goal is to hit the same button your opponent.

Hint: Cell: Second Meteo:
Press Down, Down/Back, Back, Up/Back, Up, Up/Forward, Forward, Y.

Hint: Cell: Junior attacks:
Press Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Kick.

Hint: Cell: Vertical Flame:
When on the ground, press Back, Down, Forward, B (Punch). Cell will release an upwards/diagonal flame.

Hint: Cell: Mid-Air Ki Strike:
When on the ground, press Back, Down, Forward, B (Punch). Cell will levitate his opponent and wave his fingers, attacking the opponent with invisible Ki blasts.

Hint: Fat Buu: Energy shield:
Press Left, Down, Right + A and Buu will make an energy shield. Opponent’s Kamehameha, normal attacks, and normal blasts will be repelled. The energy shield will work for five seconds.

Hint: Frieza: Energy Bomb:
When in the air, press Down, Back, Kick.

Hint: Frieza: Ground Ki Ball:
When on the ground, press Back, Down, A (Ki Ball). Frieza will shoot a Ki Blast to the ground which will travel across the floor until it hits an opponent or reaches the end of the screen.

Hint: Frieza: Ki Disc:
When on the ground, press Forward, Down, Forward, A.

Hint: Frieza: Mid-Air Kick:
When in the air, press Forward, Down, Kick.

Hint: Frieza: Planet Destroyer Bomb:
Press Down, Back, Up + Y + B.

Hint: Frieza: Power Punch:
Press Down, Back, Forward, Punch.

Hint: Frieza: Quick Ki:
When on the ground, press Down, Forward, Punch.

Hint: Gohan: Jet Kick:
Hold Down for two seconds, then press Up and B. Gohan will do a Jet Kick.

Hint: Gohan: Test Of Strength mode:
Successfully complete the game without using a Sensu Bean. After the Buu Saga, you will fight Gotenks (Test of Strength), Goku (Test of Will), and Vegetto (Ultimate Test of Courage).

Hint: Gohan: Defeating Vegetto:
Jump diagonally towards him, press Down/Forward, B and Gohan should kick him in the head. Vegetto will fall back. Use your level three Down, Back, Forward, Y attack as often as you can. Veggeto will shoot an energy ball every time he gets up. Blast him with your Ki attack before he shoots you (charge while he is down). Using this technique, you can take him from 900 to 446 life. After he is tired of getting blown apart, he will attack. Start punching him until he is cornered, then jump towards him and keep punching. Repeat until you win. Note: If done and timed correctly, you can defeat him and only suffer the damage you received from your Ki attack.

During the third bonus battle, fight him until you have below 80 Hp. Jump diagonally at Vegetto and punch at him as many times as possible. Do it again. After some punches, he will start panting. Use your desperation attack (Forward, Down, Back, Forward, B). When Vegetto gets back up, punch at him again until he is panting and use your desperation attack again. This is dangerous to do, since it is difficult to get him up against the side and live with -80 HP.

Hint: Goku: Crazy Legs Attack:
Press Back, Down, Forward + Kick. Goku will throw a flurry of four kicks in a row.

Hint: Goku: Combos:
Enter training mode before you go to vs. or story mode. Go somewhere close to your enemy and press Down, Back, B. Goku should do spinning kicks in the air. After Goku lands on the ground, quickly press Down, Forward, Y. Goku should then do two uppercuts. This move should knock your enemy off the ground and into the air. While your enemy is still in the air and is going to land on the ground, quickly hold Forward and press B. Goku should then do two kicks knocking your enemy (still on the air) going up once more. When your enemy is about to land on the ground, finish of with Down, Forward, X. If timed correctly, Goku should do a Knee Bash in the air hitting your enemy for the final time. If all moves hit, your enemy’s power bar will drop over 100 power.

Stand next to your opponent and Punch him two times, then Kick once. After kicking, press Down, Forward, Y. Your opponent should be knocked into the air. Press Forward + B. Goku should use a Double Kick. After that, use a Level 2 Super Ki Blast or the 45 Degree Ki Blast (Back, Down, Forward, A) before your opponent falls to the ground. This should bring your opponent’s power to around 228.

Press Down, Back + Kick when he lands. Quickly press Down, Forward + Punch. Keep holding Forward and when your opponent is up in the air, release Forward and quickly press Down, Forward + Kick (keep holding Forward). Once he lands, release Forward and press Down, Forward + Kick again.

Go close to your opponent. Press Down + Kick. Once your opponent is hit, quickly press Down, Back + Kick. As soon as Goku lands, quickly press Down, Forward + Punch (and keep Forward held). Once he has finished, quickly release Forward and press Down, Forward + Kick (and keep Forward held). Once Goku lands, release Forward and press Down, Forward + Kick again. If everything lands, it should do about 100 to 130 or more damage.

Try the following in training mode first. Choose Goku, then select Vegeta as your opponent. When the match begins, hit him with the Spinning Kick (Down, Down/Back, Back + B). Quickly after that, use your Double Punch attack (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Y) and send him into the air. While your opponent is in the air, stand still and press Y, causing him to get hit into the air once more. Then as he falls again, quickly press X and send him into the air again. Then, to finish the combo, use the Kamehameha (Down, Down/Back, Back, Forward + A), a simple Ki- Blast (A), a large Ki- Blast (Forward, Back, Forward + A), the Jumping Knee Slash (Forward, Down/Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + B ), or for the most damage, the small Kamehameha (Back, Down/Back, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + A).

When fighting Vegeta, press Down, Right + Y. Goku should do a double punch combo and knock Vegeta into the air. Then, quickly press B(2). Goku should kick Vegeta twice and keep him in the air. Then, very quickly press Down, Back, Forward + A. Goku should shoot Vegeta with a Kamaehamaehe. Note: Do not hold A when you charge the wave

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