Cheats for E.V.O. Search for Eden SNES

Hint: Human body:
After becoming a mammal, evolve the cat jaws and rabbit body. Then, select the Ramopithecus body. It will become human after two more evolutions.

Hint: Mermaid body:
Accumulate 10,000 evolution points by the final ocean stage of Chapter 5. Select ‘Hand and Feet’ when evolving your character, then select the ‘Try To Evolve option’. Continue to evolve three times to become a Mermaid.

Hint: Bird body and extra E.V.O. points:
You can evolve into a bird in the Reptile Era (with the dinosaurs). Go to Mt. Brave and climb up to the top. Keep away from the enemies, which will throw you all the way back down. A voice at the top will tell you to jump. Jump off the left side to evolve into a bird. At this time the bird is very weak, but may be upgraded fast. Wait until the cloud floating around in the overworld stops at a level. Try to enter that level while the cloud is above it. The bird will fly up to the cloud. The cloud is similar to a maze, but is not to hard to navigate. Get the red crystal that will change the bird into a dragon for a short time. It is easier to fly around this way since you are faster. You should also save this form for later use. The exit in the cloud is somewhere near the top. Use it to reach space. Fly all of the way to the left, which may take some time. After moving all the way to the left, go all of the way up to find an entrance to a large object that may be an asteroid at the top of the screen. Enter it to find an alien doing something to a pterodactyl. He will tell you that he is too busy and leave. Take the object he drops to get +9999 E.V.O. points. Upgrade your teeth, and then your body, fully. Use the remaining points for any purpose. Move to the right to find more openings. Most of them are informational, but one contains a red orb. You can also kill the pterodactyls for +100 E.V.O. points each, allowing even more upgrades.

Hint: Easy HP:
Even the smallest evolution will max out your HP. Shortening/lengthening your neck or changing the size of your body when low on HP will enable you to defeat every Boss easily.

If you evolve a part of your body, your HP resets to its maximum. A good thing to evolve is a horn or something cheap. You will also get more EVO points after killing the Boss.

Hint: Chapter 3: Bird evolution:
In Chapter 3, Age Of Dinosaurs, on ‘Mt. Brave’ level, go to the top of the middle high cliff and keep jumping. Once you go to the next part of the level, jump off the side on the left where there is a small ridge. You evolve into a bird, which you can then fly around with.

Hint: Chapter 4: Defeating the Yeti:
First, the small father Yeti will want to fight you. It will jump and come down with a block. You can just move out of the way then attack, but it is easier to just kick him. Get the Horse Body and sit with your back to him. Every time he jumps at you, kick him. Then the huge mother Yeti will appear. Do the same to her, but when she flies back and does the snow blow move, jump without moving left or right. Keep doing this until she is defeated.