Cheats for Spider-Man SNES

Level select:
Enter SCBCRS as a password. Press Start to pause game play to display the level selection screen. Note: The game cannot be completed normally when this code is enabled.

Expert mode:
Enter MRRYPN as a password.

Level 1: Secret area:
Move to the top left of the level. Punch at this location to warp.

Level 2: Secret area:
When you are Spider-Man, go to the top of the screen and do a jump kick. In the first secret room when you are Spider-Man, wait a long time after you defeat all the people. Four more lives will appear if you wait long enough.

At the beginning of level 2, do a jump kick at the upper left hand corner of the screen to reach a secret room.

Level 8: Secret area:
Find the gold fountain in the level. Stand towards the middle and left of the screen and throw an opponent toward the left side.

Secret area in police station:
In the police station as Spider-Man, go to the very last door. Climb your web directly in front of it and drop down to find the secret room. Note: Hold Up when dropping down.

Hint: Special move:
Press Y + B to do Spider-Man and Venom’s special move. However, if you do this you will lose power — do not use the move unless you have to.

Hint: Unlimited lives:
Play as Spider-Man or Venom. Before you reach the level Boss (except Carnage), get at least one defensive friend (Captain America, Ghost Rider, Arrowman, Ninja Master, etc.). Leave his energy at the minimum, then let the enemy hurt you until your meter reaches the minimum and stay alive. Then, use a defensive friend. If timed correctly, at the same time the enemy kills you, your friend will kill the enemy. At the next level you will have 0 lives, and when an enemy kills you, the number of lives will change to 9. Your remaining lives will stay at 9, no matter how many times you are killed by enemies.

Hint: Level 1: Secret room:
Fight your way to the dumpster in level 1. Press Up + X to hang in the air. On the right side of the dumpster before the buildings, Wall Shoot your web up to find a secret room containing enemies and an extra life.

Hint: Level 6: Hidden lives:
At the beginning of the level, jump onto the wall and crawl around. There will be two Daredevil lives hidden.

Hint: Level 7: Hidden lives:
At the beginning of the Level, which is one of the Secret Rooms, walk toward one of the hanging chain things the will cover you and your enemies if you walk in front of it. Walk in front of it then walk down. You will get four Ghost Rider lives.