Cheats for Street Combat SNES

Cheat mode:
Highlight the two player option at the main menu. Hold L + R and press Start. A hidden screen will appear. Press Select to change the background. Change ‘Do’ To ‘Computer’ to alter the abilities of either fighter. Change ‘Do’ to ‘Human’ to have both fighters under player control. Note: Both Stevens and Happys have different characteristics. Press Start to resume the game after all options have been set.

Fifty continues:
Select the ‘Option’ selection at the main menu and press Start. Highlight the ‘Credit’ option and press Select(10).

View ending sequence:
Highlight the single player Vs. the CPU option at the title screen. Then press Start on controller one + Start on controller two.

Japanese version: Bonus characters:
Highlight the ‘Vs mode’ option at the main menu. Hold L + R and press A. A hidden screen will appear. Highlight ‘Who’ and select a character. You can now fight as Colon or Happy.

Japanese version: Play as same fighter:
Hold L + R and press Left or Right at the versus screen to select any character except Colon and Happy.

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