Cheats for Ys III – Wanderers from Ys SNES

Debug mode:
Begin game play and create a saved game. Reset the Super Nintendo console and wait until the American Sammy logo is fully displayed. Then, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start on controller two before the logo disappears again. Select the ‘Continue’ option, and press Select. The, press Start on controller two. The word ‘Debug’ will appear next to ‘Status’ to confirm correct code entry. Note: This code also activates invincibility.

Alternately, create a saved game and reset the SNES. When the Sammy logo appears, press Start on controller two. The Sammy logo will freeze, then continue after about five seconds. While the logo is frozen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start on controller two. Select ‘Continue’ with controller one and start a saved game. Bring up the menu and select the status screen with controller one. Then, press Select on controller two The word ‘Debug’ will appear next to the word ‘Status’ on the status screen. You are now invincible. Your life level will go down, but will then keep resetting to full life.
Information in this section was contributed by Dusty.

Sound test:
Press Select during game play to display the menu. Then, press Start on controller two.

Face Demanicus:
Enter the following password:


Hint: Defeating Galaban:
Start the battle with Galaban after the labyrinth. Do not heal if you have 60 or higher health. When he has the ‘laser’ and goes downwards, get close and start slashing away. Note: Do not get too close. When the hands are destroyed (after about twenty hits for each hand), wait and avoid his attacks. When his gut opens, use the Power Ring and start slashing his gut once or twice. Note: Save the amulet for later. This will not do much damage. If you avoid the laser that is fired, heal as fast as possible (herb), then continue avoiding and slashing his gut when its open. Note: Use the amulet in your first battle on his gut when it opens, then intentionally die to see how much damage it does for the finish. When he has low enough health, kill him with the amulet.